Achievement Unlocked: Pneuma: Breath of Life

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 1 – 2 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

So the Games with Gold, (quite contradictory to my beliefs about how useless Games with Gold are) have been extremely achievement heavy these past few weeks. In the final two weeks of October we were given Season 1 of The Walking Dead for Xbox One and Xbox 360, I have the game for both consoles however it’s a nice easy 1000G on Xbox One and I think 600G if the DLC is free on Xbox 360. To continue this trend, the first free game of October was Pneuma: Breath of Life, an awkward little puzzle game that only takes an hour or two to 100% complete it.

Now, most of the achievements are for completing the whole six chapters and epilogue, which’ll take you roughly an hour to do. I’ll provide a video walkthrough here.

That walkthrough will cover 950G/1000G. The extra 50G will require you to play the game again but with specific chapters each time. My advice to people going through the game for 1000G, play the game through first, grab the easy 950G with that guide, should take an hour or so as long as you follow that guide and don’t have to take a half hour break like I did. I almost launched my controller out of the window and gave up because of Chapter V, but just keep at it and you’ll get through it.

Now, for the last achievement you’ll get is called “Soul”.

The Soul Puzzle requires you to view a number of paintings in a specific order throughout the game. It’s very finicky and basically requires you to play a majority of the game again, yes, even that annoying bit in Chapter V with that damned floor. Good luck with that bit by the way, it’s soul-destroying.

Anywho, what you need to do for this Soul achievement is shown in the link that you can get from clicking here. That guide goes through fairly quickly so below is where you can find the portraits, the video should help out too (more than me).

Head over to Chapter Six, work your way through the level until you get up to Stage IV, you should see this platform that moves in the direction you walk. Make the spinning platform of death or whatever it is go to the far right near to the staircase, drop down and you should find another staircase underneath the spinning thingy, go down the stairs. There should be a room with a closed-door and four of these, things, I dunno what they are. Hide behind the bench on the far right and wait for the door to open completely. When you see the door open completely, make a run for it and enter the room. This is where you’ll want to do a 180 degree spin and look at the painting on the wall behind and above you. There’ll be a painting on the other side of the room, do NOT look at this painting yet. When you’ve looked at the painting long enough it should change, when it’s changed, save and quit to the chapter selection screen.

The next chapter you’re going to go to is Chapter One, continue through the chapter as normal until you get to the spiral staircase, jump down to the bottom, open the door by looking directly up at the eye and heading through the corridor. Directly opposite you will be painting number two, just like the first painting, stare at it until it changes, when it does change, quit the chapter.

Picture number three is the most annoying one, as it’s in Chapter Five. Head straight for the building with the large “I” on the front of it, go through the annoying floor bits and stuff and then head up the stairs to where the large gate is. If you turn to the right you’ll see painting number three. Like the previous two, wait for the painting to change, and then quit.

Number four is found in Chapter Two. Play through the level until you get to the bridge that you need to move around. When you’ve crossed the bridge, before going through the door, look to the left and you’ll see painting number four. Wait for it to change and quit.

Now what you’ll want to do is head back to chapter six and head to the exact same place as picture one. This is absolutely crucial for when you go to the room with the painting on the wall above. Do NOT look at painting number one, this will reset the chain and you’ll have to do it all over again. Just go straight into the room, look at painting number five, this’ll open the door in front of you, in there is painting number six and the final 50G.

Honestly, I downloaded, finished and uninstalled this game in an hour or two on the same night, it’s perfectly easy and a very easy 1000G game. At the time I got this it was free, however now it’ll probably be on discount or something like that, so get it while you can because it’s worth it, for the achievements, not the game itself, the game itself is utter shit, the only person I’d recommend this to is someone I don’t like or someone who doesn’t like Portal, same thing really isn’t it? Just try not to beat yourself up too much about Chapter V.


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