Ewan Rants: Ghostbusters 3

Please Sony, I know I’m an Xbox guy, but don’t do this to me. Movie directors, I know I thought The Cat in the Hat was a fairly good film, but please don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me. Alright, fine. I’ll talk about it. Ghostbusters 3. I recently saw a trailer for this film and it really annoyed me for some reason so I’m going to somehow explain why it annoyed me and to what extent it did so.

Now I’m just putting this out there. The four actors in Ghostbusters 3, they’re semi-talented. I mean, it’d be pretty difficult to do another Ghostbusters with the original cast seeing as though Harold Ramis is dead and Bill Murray is probably busy doing random good deeds for orphans in Hawaii or something, but that’s what we all wanted.  A Ghostbusters with the original cast, ready to kick some more ghost ass.

So what’s my problem with it? No, it’s not the women cast, but the casting itself. I’m definitely not a fan of the lineup but it seems they’ve went with a very stereotypical lineup. Now before I jump into it, there’s been a fair bit of controversy surrounding feminism and such, which is just ridiculous. Fair play if it isn’t proper critique, but if it is (like this will be) then it can’t be held for evidence in the argument that the only reason people don’t like the film is because of Melissa McCarthy.

I’m gonna say this now, I’ve never been a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s work. The only film I enjoyed her in was St. Vincent’s and that was mainly because she played a small role alongside Bill Murray and even Chris O’Dowd too.

What better way to analyse this than to look at the YouTube description of the trailer, because everybody reads the descriptions. Here’s a photo of what the description says:

Hopefully you can all read that, if not then this next bit will be pretty difficult for you.

Starting from the top, let’s analyse it top to bottom. I’ll be doing it in a similar fashion to what I did with my Ewan Rants on Anita Sarkeesian. (If this gets released before that article then just ignore that bit I said about making a Ewan Rants on Anita Sarkeesian)

“Ghostbusters makes it’s long awaited return” – To be fair, yeah, it would’ve been nice to have a third Ghostbusters and there were talks of doing one before Harold Ramis passed away but when Ramis passed away he took the dream of a third Ghostbusters with him. Apparently not though. I bet Ramis is spinning in his Ectozone.

“Thirty years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm” – If you’re expecting the same results with this film then you are wrongly mistaken my friends.

“director Paul Feig” – Ah yes, Paul Feig. I had to Google him to find out which films he’s made. Turns out he made a lot of films with Melissa McCarthy, Bad Teacher, Knocked Up and some really bad films along with those. It’d have been nice to get a high end director like Edgar Wright or J.J Abrams to make the film as then it may have been a lot better.

“joined by some of the funniest actors today” and “Chris Hemsworth” do not go together in the same sentence. He isn’t a comedy actor, nor is Charles Dance. I know you need to sell the film, but saying that Thor and that guy from Game of Thrones are both comedic actors is like saying Melissa McCarthy is funny too. As for the other three main characters, I’ve honestly never heard of them. I think I’ve heard the name Kristen Wiig, yeah, she was in Zoolander 2 so all of her credibility has been diminished anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Somehow they convinced Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman to come back and help make this film, along with Bill Murray’s apparent cameo too. Now, I didn’t grow up with the Ghostbusters films, I grew up with Toy Story. The comments I’ve seen from those who grew up with the series it seems like they’re completely against the idea of an all female Ghostbusters. Even Ernie Hudson himself has expressed his dislike for the new film, mainly because Ghostbusters will now be remembered as that thing that got ruined so Anita Sarkeesian could make a video on it and give it 100% “critical” praise and acclaim as one of the greatest movies to grace the Earth, even better than Hot Fuzz.

I must say one good thing though. The ghosts (excluding the one that vomits what I can only assume is blue coleslaw on one of the characters and the slimer) actually look pretty cool. It was pretty cool to see a city completely overrun with some fairly decent looking ghosts. However the way they were stood makes them look like zombies and the fact that they have another giant ghost thing is a bit of a whole “Remember the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man? REMEMBER IT? REMEMBER IT NOW LOOK THERE’S A BIG GHOST”.

The problem with these good looking ghosts is it makes it feel like it’s a bit of a horror flick more than anything. I think the charm of the original Ghostbusters films was that the ghosts didn’t look real. For Christ’s sake it was a comedy film, this new one doesn’t look funny whatsoever.

Speaking of comedy, this film features nothing funny in the trailer. There was one bit where the two say “Let’s go” at the same time and that was a tiny bit funny. Other than that it’s literally horrible. Unfunny, bland and overall made me die a small bit inside.

I’m sure it’ll be fine, I might not like it but if the majority of people like it then it’s okay…




*Just a quick update, I decided to go back and read some of the comments and I found my absolute favourite comment*



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