Achievement Unlocked – Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 6 – 8 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Of course I had to do this game at some point. Well, I didn’t, that’s a lie. I just 100% completed this quite recently actually and I thought I’d go over this one seeing as though it is an easy 1000G and it isn’t a movie tie in game, or a terrible game for that matter. So let’s have a break from the usual crap we play and play a genuinely good game, he lied.

Valiant Hearts is a game, it’s a puzzle game, which is not my type of game. It also has a hell of a lot of collectables in it, which I’ll get to later as it links in with an achievement or three. This game is extremely easy to get 1000G in so long as you use the right walkthrough. The one I used was this one. It is the Playstation version of the game, however all the achievements/trophies are exactly the same and this guide is quite literally perfect as it shows you how to do everything flawlessly.

The guide I’ve linked you to will basically allow you to achieve all the achievements, however I do want to go through some of the missable achievements that you might need to replay a chapter for. All story related achievements are secret achievements as far as I can tell and the ones that aren’t secrets are miss able, that’s what I’ve picked up on so far.

Now, the first missable achievement (sort of) is this one:

As soon as you meet the dog which’ll be in the German camp, click the A Button next to it, you’ll pet the dog and get an easy 15G for it. Quite honestly one of the easiest achievements in the game but you’d be surprised as to how many people missed this achievement.

Secondly, we have the Taxi Driver achievement.

The taxi missions were some of my all time favourite missions, they’ve got a good bit of classical music attached and the action in each mission plays along in time with the music. The very first time you use the taxi (Chapter 1 – Danger from Above) is the best time to get this achievement as it’s quite simply avoid the bombs, mines and gunfire, later on they get a bit more complicated and you may have trouble getting the achievement in later stages of the game.

I just need to make a special mention of one achievement very briefly, it’s the achievement for reading 30 Historical Facts, hopefully you’re following the guide with that but I forgot to read them all, for it to be considered as “read” the “!” should disappear from it, you don’t have to read it out to the Kinect where it’ll grade you on your reading skills or anything like that.

I’ve noticed one or two secret achievements that may give you some trouble, even though the guide will cover those, here’s the ones you may miss:

This achievement is earned in Chapter 3 Mission 1, you need to take a Health Kit into the laundry building and throw it up to the guy in there, he’ll walk along to the end of the screen and start dropping laundry bags, you need one of the laundry bags, collect all three and wheel the cart to the end of the track, there’s an easy 25G waiting for yah.

The next secret achievement you may miss is this one, which requires you to shoot the flag in Chapter 4 – Vimy Ridge. Play through the level and eventually you’ll find a cannon and in the distance you can see a bit of scenery. Click A on the cannon and you can actually fire it and use a few levers nearby or something to change the co-ordinates of where and what it’ll fire on. Make sure the numbers match up to these:

Bunker One is at 60
The flag is at 35
Bunker Two is at 10

As soon as you’ve taken out the flag then the achievement should pop, if it doesn’t then restart the level and try again, I had the same problem.

This achievement is possibly the most difficult in the game, other than the “Healing Hero” achievement which we’ll talk about later. It took me a few tries to actually do this achievement, just take your time and make sure you’ve got your cannons in a position where they can hit the planes or else you’ll have one guy die and have to re-do it all. This achievement is actually key to unlocking the “They’ll All Be Remembered” achievement as two of the soldiers you need to have survive will drop two collectables.

By now you should be near enough to the end of the game and at the last mission. Collect all the collectables in that mission, grab the 200G and finish the game. Unless you’re a wizard of quick time events then you’re probably missing one, last achievement.

Best of luck getting this achievement, just completely memorizing the pattern will hopefully work. Either that or just leave it. You need to save him three times, so at the farm, in the hospital and then in the hospital again. If you fail the one on the farm, you need to start again. If you fail the first hospital resuscitation, you need to start again. Once you’ve done those two flawlessly you’re pretty much in the clear, as if you mess up you can deliberately kill Karl and it’ll just take you back to the start of the third resuscitation.

Here’s the button sequence for the third sequence, you need to hit every single button.




At this point you may want to mute the game as Karl’s bloody kid wont shut the hell up about his father dying or some shit like that, I dunno, maybe the game devs wanted to annoy the hell out of us or something.

And that’s it. Another 1000G in a game that was alright if you like puzzle games, next time it’ll be back to the mines of utterly awful games, sport games and maybe a microphone related game or two.


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