Is It Worth Watching: Run Fatboy Run

So, we’ll kick it back off with Run Fatboy Run! I hope this is bloody good, because I bought it in a charity shop for £2, of course, I did get Ghostbusters with it so there’s always hope that it’s a good movie.

Let’s take a look at the cast, which is absolutely amazing, with Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran, two of my all time favourite actors who worked together on Shaun of the Dead and an episode of Black Books are in this film. Also including Hank Azaria, who voices a lot of characters on the Simpsons, so this should be good, we’ve got some comedic legends in this film. It was directed by David Schwimmer too, the bloke who played Ross on Friends. How could this movie be bad at all? Am I foreshadowing with all these questions?

The movie starts off with Gordon (Dylan Moran) trying to coax Dennis Doyle (Simon Pegg) out of his room so he can get his arse downstairs and get married to Libby (Thandie  Newton) who is pregnant with their child or something. Dennis ends up jumping out of a window, fleeing the wedding and running away from his problems, mistakes, friends, family, child and ex-fiance. Now, it’s five years later, he lives alone and Libby has met Whit (Hank Azaria) who’s the main villain of the plot I suppose. He’s the bloke that’s trying to not run away from Libby I think.

So Dennis gets annoyed and runs off crying or something to find Gordon, who works at a piano shop where all he basically does is gamble with a form of British Mafia. Then Dennis learns that Whit is running a marathon, so Dennis, being the operative genius that he is decides that it’s a great way to win Libby back. This, everyone, is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Running a marathon to win over a girl will not work, take her out to dinner or something, Jesus Christ man.

Yeah, so Dennis wants to run the marathon, so he gets trained by Gordon, his dear friend Gordon, I think at this point he’s the only character I like, and that sole reason is because it’s Dylan Moran. The only reason Gordon is helping is because he bet £5,000 on Dennis finishing the race, and the only reason Mr. Ghosh Dastidar helps out because he’s Dennis’s landlord and that’s what landlords do apparently. Oh yeah, if Dennis doesn’t finish the race then he gets kicked out of his apartment too for whatever reason, that really doesn’t make sense.

So they train him up to be ready to run the race and then he’s invited to Libby’s birthday party where Whit proposes to Libby, she says yes, Dennis gets very upset and Gordon has a bath. So then Dennis says he isn’t going to run in the race anymore, so he gets kicked out of his apartment and so he goes and moves in with Gordon a night before the race. Now, I’ve left a large chunk of the film out, but that’s because the film does to.

Race day comes up all of a sudden, Gordon and Dennis are late, they pay a cab driver with a Rolex watch and Dennis runs off to finish the race, he meets up with Whit, they both have a squabble and they both end up falling over, leading Whit to go to the hospital and Dennis with a sprained ankle. Dennis continues the race, with Gordon, Mr Dastidar and eventually a large crowd of people and a news camera, to follow him until he finishes the race. Then he hits the “wall”, everyone thinks he’s gonna stop, but he keeps on going and there is much rejoice.

Then he hits another wall near the end of the race, until he sees his family and runs over to them. Now, this would’ve been a better scene if he hadn’t already hit a wall beforehand. Then they all have a happy ending, Gordon gets his money and goes on holiday, Dastidar goes and does running or whatever and Dennis and Libby, do nothing.

Oh God that was bad. It’s such a shame as well, it’s got an all-star cast of comedy greats, but it didn’t work out, which is a really big shame.

Is it worth watching?



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