The Educational System and You

Christ I really need to stop writing about politics and stuff don’t I? Well, I suppose this is fairly topical in a way, I’ve got a lot of exams in the coming months and then I get three months off, so, now is the time to talk about how terrible the educational system in the United Kingdom is.

Now where to begin on this topic. I suppose we could start by talking about the Governor of Education Nicky Morgan (that’s what google said, I could be about to rant at some women who has nothing to do with education). But that’d be too easy.

So what’s wrong with the educational system and schools in general? Well, that’s a pretty loaded question. Everything, that’s a good start. I think it’s down to the fact that I enjoy learning, but I don’t enjoy school. I could more than happily sit at home and read about the conquests of Rome and how they came to England and that’s how we have roads that are straight, however at school we’re given set things to learn about, deadlines, stress, exams and an overall poor experience because the majority of people who go there are complete and utter tools.

Personally, I think the main problem is that schools really don’t care about you. They say they do, but it’s quite clear that they don’t. They’re work driven, their job is to teach you the material found on the test papers and then that’s done. Very few teachers seem to go above and beyond the “call of duty” as it’s called. Now, I’m very lucky and the majority of my teachers are always trying to help me out with my work when I’m finding everything overwhelming and they’re all very understanding that I have seventeen children to look after so I have to balance thirty-seven different jobs because not only is the economy ruined but we only get paid 3p an hour.

All jokes aside though, the teachers aren’t there to make sure you’re okay and mentally coping with the work. That’s not their job to do so. Their job is to teach you the subject that they’ve spent years training in and to give you homework, assignments and tests to make sure you’re grasping the concept of what you’re doing. Most of the time however, we aren’t grasping the concept of what we’re doing.

Now that’s partially our faults. We’re too nervous to say anything in the first place because we’re either embarrassed we don’t know what to do, we’re too nervous to ask them or something along those lines, and that’s the problem of anxiety. That’s a completely different topic all together but it sort of links in to why people find school so difficult and awful. The people.

Honestly I do enjoy learning things. But when I’m stuck in a class with people I don’t like or people who are disruptive then what’s the point? I’m not gonna learn anything if the class can’t be controlled, so give me the work and I’ll go sit by myself, in silent bliss. That’d be lovely.

I mean, I’m not one to big my ego (I am), but I’d say I’m pretty smart. I mean, Maths isn’t my strong point but my history, English (obviously) and science skills are pretty much up to scratch, although that is a problem. Even though I’m greatly exceeding in the majority of subjects, the government has ruled that you must pass English and Maths at a GCSE level, if you don’t, you retake it until you do. This might be a slight problem as me doing maths is like watching a game of cricket where none of the players have any arms, but I digress.

Now getting onto the subject of Nicky Morgan, the shit spewing woman she is seems to be undermining the very system she’s trying to build up. One of the most memorable things I remember is her denouncing art as a “fake subject”. Turns out she has a bachelor’s degree in art. That’s probably what allows her to qualify as a politician then.

There’s a hell of a lot of pressure on kids these days to do well in school. I read a quote a while back saying that up until the age of sixteen we have to ask to use the toilet and then as soon as we hit the age of sixteen we need to know how we want to spend the next fifty years of our lives. For some this is simple, they already know what they want to do, hell, even I know what I want to do. But that’s not the point, we’re given no guidance on how to achieve the goals for our careers, we’re sort of just shambling about a barely functioning system, hoping we pass our exams so we can continue on through the journey that is life.

Teachers don’t seem to understand that we have a lot on our plates. We’ve got the unrelenting pressure and stress from family and teachers, along with having to balance homework, exams, revision, the previously mentioned pressure, friends, hobbies, sleep, diet, exercise, job if you have one and of course if you’re unlucky then you’ll be battling some sort of mental breakdown because of all the aforementioned items. It’s completely understandable that people are suffering from depression and stress, they’ve got a hell of a lot going on and Nicky Morgan and the schooling system really don’t understand this.

It’s no wonder we hate school, it’s a bloody awful place and I can guarantee that nearly every child in the United Kingdom will agree with me. But what can we do to sort this out?



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