Achievement Unlocked: Forza Horizon 2 Presents: Fast and Furious


Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 2 – 3 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Another one of these eh? Aye, why not, the first one was (hopefully) well received so I’ve written a few more, this time we’ll be looking at the moderately alright game: Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, which is a mouthful, so from here on I’d like to make a petition to call it “Vroom Vroom Racer – Starring Vin Diesel”.

I’m not really the biggest fan of racing games at all. With the exception of the Mario/Crash Bandicoot racing games, I just don’t like your normal racing games that don’t have some funky twist on them. But this game was free, I installed it, completed it two hours later and then uninstalled it which is really helpful.

The best part is that the game was free on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and I downloaded both of them, I recently finished the 360 version so I’ll write up a walkthrough of that game when I get the chance as that’s another easy 1000G. Honestly it’s not a bad game, it’s pretty good if I’m quite honest. Most of the achievements are just for playing through the “campaign” of the game, ranging from 40G – 100G each achievement. Of course, there’s a few achievements that you’ll have to get outside of the campaign, which I’ll walk you through now.

Easiest way to get this achievement is to head to your garage and grab the Nissan GT-R and head to below the airport. There’s a nice big open space to constantly drift your car, which will rack up your skill chain. I hit about 125,000 or so points when I finally stopped and the achievement popped when my points had been registered. Another place you could try doing this is at the airport itself on the runway, which has plenty of space, however not as much as below the airport does.

Nitrous basically just gives your car a little speed boost, when you first unlock Nitrous (Acquire the Supra: Part 2), accelerate and hit the LB button whenever you’re on a straight stretch of road. As long as you’ve used all your Nitrous up before the 50% mark the achievement will pop.

The “High Flyer” achievement requires you to perform five “Air” Skills. That just sounds like a bunch of random words put together, the Jeep Wrangler showcase race is the best part of the game to get this achievement. Just perform tricks, skills and stunts until the achievement pops, doesn’t take too long and I got it accidentally.

Probably the most frustrating achievement out of the bunch for me because in England we’re used to just hitting the shit out of most cars. To do this just drive dangerously close to cars and speed past them, the achievement is really easy to get and it’s another achievement you’ll just get over time.

To perform a “speed” skill, you need to be travelling at a speed of over 100MPH for a distance greater than 450 metres. Again, you’ll get this very easily just playing through the game so if needs be head to the airport runway and put your foot down.

Another achievement you’ll probably get accidentally, all you have to do is drive insanely fast and tap into cars, that sounds tricky but it really isn’t. Just drive along the road that takes you around the coast and slightly tap the sides of cars, you’ll probably get this achievement as you drive around to other missions anyway so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Again, you’ll get this achievement accidentally at some point in your playthrough. To get this just hold RT, wait for it to flash up saying “Burnout”, wait until the chain has ended and do it again, do this ten times and the 30G achievement will pop in no time.

For this achievement you’ll need to go into races, driving over 50MPH behind an opponent vehicle, this happens fairly often and the achievement will most likely unlock without you having to do much.

You know on GTA V where you hit lamposts and signs and stuff? Do that, hit 10 sign posts and such, the achievement will unlock and you can enjoy a lovely 30G for no effort at all.

The rest are all story achievements so just keep playing the game, finish it and you’ll have a fully completed game in only a few hours! You literally cannot miss about 70% of the achievements in this game.

Happy Hunting!


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