Eight More Pain in the Arse Achievements I Have


It’s that time again! I collect achievements and try to get as much gamerscore as I humanly can, here’s eight more achievements that were such a pain in the arse I’m proud to have it on my gamercard.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Collector – 60G

Unlock all characters

Seems pretty simple, right? It’s a Lego game. It’s all six episodes, so you’ve got all the characters from the Original Trilogy, then all the characters from the Prequels. On top of that you have secret characters like Indiana Jones to unlock. The easiest way to get this achievement is to play the Pod Racing mission in the Phantom Menace. You get a good 60,000 studs each time and that’s without multipliers. This achievement took a hell of a long time, those damned ghost characters cost too much.

Quantum of Solace – I’m the Money – 15G

On Train, use only the P99 while on the freight train

Don’t do what I did and use up all your ammo in the first part of the mission. You jump across to a freight train sometime in the mission, there’s plenty of cool guns on board, so what you need to do is ignore the enemy weapons and use that good ol’ spy pistol you have. There’s ammo on board for your pistol, but honestly that gun is terrible, especially on harder difficulties and wonky controls.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – London uprising – 20G

Defeat the London Monitor

I cannot begin to describe how much I hated that mission. It took me a week. A week. Me, angrily yelling profanities and ill-mannered insults at a giant robot that reminded me of a giant spider and the robot Dog off of Half Life 2. It’s a story mission achievement too, just to add insult to injury. Maybe I’m just bad at games? Or the game is broken. Yeah, the games broken.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Deadeye/Grenadier – 10G

Score “excellent” on the Atlas shooting range
Score “excellent on the grenade range at Atlas

I’m not the best at shooters, I’ll give you that. I’m even worse with grenades, I just lucked into these two achievements, after trying repeatedly for an hour or two. Just make sure you’re accurate and keep reloading. As for the grenades, I got confused easily, I don’t know how, but I did. Good luck with those two!

Titanfall – Best in class – 25G

Finish as the top player on your team once

I’m not really the biggest fan of Titanfall, I’m also terrible at most online shooters. So, by dumb luck I managed to get this achievement, just keep playing the game, it’ll eventually unlock, unless you’re that terrible and worse than me at Titanfall, which would be nice to see.

Halo; The Master Chief Collection – Begins with a single step – 15G

Halo 3: On Tsavo Highway, finish the mission without entering a vehicle

Can’t be that bad, can it? Well, it wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t playing on Legendary. Basically you need to walk from the start of the mission, all the way to the end. So that’s from the exploded building place, through all the fields and such and then finish the mission at the crashed pelican. This level is big, so it’s more annoying that you can’t get into a Warthog and drive off than anything.

The Orange Box – Hardcore – 15G

Accumulate 1000 Kills

Another game that nobody plays anymore on Xbox 360, Team Fortress 2, you need to get 1000 kills. Yeah, that takes a long time. It is made a lot easier if you play as an Engineer, have a friend play as an enemy spy and keeps placing zappers on it. They count as kills, it makes the whole process a lot easier, however I didn’t know that so I did it the ol’ fashioned way. Which was to set fire to everyone and everything.

A big sarcastic round of applause if you have all of those achievements like me, if you don’t have those achievements, well, you aren’t the best at achievement hunting now are you?


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