Achievement Unlocked! – Peter Jackson’s King Kong The Official Game of the Movie

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete: 3 – 6 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

That is literally the only image I can find that is logo related, it’ll have to do. It’s probably a warning to how bad the game is, but it doesn’t matter, let’s get on with it.

King Kong the game is a movie tie in-game (as I’m hoping you’ve guessed by now), it’s regarded as one of the easiest 1000G games, and for good reason. All you have to do is finish the game, you get 100G ever 3 – 7 chapters and the chapters are only about 5 minutes long.

But, to make it easier for you all, you can use cheats. The cheats have no effect on achievements, you can use as little or as many cheats as you like with no penalty for doing so. Obviously you’re wanting the cheats aren’t you, well here they are:

Unlimited Ammo: KK 999 mun
Invincibility: 8wonder
Shotgun: KKsh0tgum
Unlimited Spears: lance 1nf
Machine GunL KKcapone
Revolver; KKtigun
Sniper Rifle: KKsn1per

To enter these cheat codes, head into the game and hit the pause button. Hold down RT, LT, RB and LB and enter the following sequence:

Up, Y, X, Down, Down, Y, Y.

Once that’s entered, the cheat menu will appear at the bottom of the menu list.

You may think that’s it, all fine and dandy. The game added puzzles to make it more annoying. I use the term puzzles loosely too, wherein you find a stick and put it into a larger stick to use as a lever so you can open a gate, or set fire to some bushes with, you guessed it, fire. If it wasn’t for the puzzles then you could finish this game in an hour or so, I’ll stick a link to a walk-through of the game here, which will make it a lot easier and make you get through the game much quicker.

Honestly, the game is so bad it’s funny in places, I don’t want to spoil any of it, but the game does have it’s fair share of annoying parts too. It’s a game that wont take you very long at all to get 1000G on, it’ll look nice on your Gamercard to have another 1000/1000 game too, always a benefit, just make sure you’re either drunk or doing something else at the same time so you don’t bore yourself to death.


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