Ewan Rants: Overkill, Payday 2 and More

It looks like when I said I was going to write an article about Overkill Software being slimy pieces of filth I was waiting for another big event to happen that would completely confirm my suspicions. They have completely hit the nail on the head, fell over backwards into a coffin which has slammed itself shut and then nails have fallen on top of the coffin and magically nailed themselves into place.

You may not know who Overkill Software is if you’ve been living under a rock for a while, they’re the people who made Payday: The Heist and of course the immensely more popular (and shittier) Payday 2. And of course they’re going to be releasing that Walking Dead game anytime now, which’ll probably be worse than throwing a Koala into an ocean full of sharks in Australia, which I hear is a federal offence.

Now I’ve always noticed that they’re a very sleazy company. They’re the closest thing we’ve had to EA since Ubisoft, the trio should form a company, not sure what they’d call it, Overkill ElectricSoft? I dunno, that’s a good name for a rock band, anyway, back to the story at hand. There’s probably around £100 or more of DLC for Payday 2, which is about £18 itself while not on sale. That’s not the most ridiculous thing I suppose. What is ridiculous is that they’re released about once every week and add so little changes to the game that you’d think they didn’t care about their players.

Safe to say that they don’t care about their players. Yeah, they don’t care about their players and they certainly don’t care about me or you. I’d just like to quote Overkill Studios for a brief second here:

“We’ve made it clear that Payday 2 will have no microtransactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)”

Now hold on a second there Overkill, you said you wouldn’t be releasing microtransactions for your game and called anyone who thought you would be a silly tool. Now that just seems hypocritical of you. Fans of the game are, of course and rightly so, outraged to say the least. To add insult to injury, a month after this quote was publicised, the former lead designer David Goldfarb saying in an interview for Gamespot;

“No. No, God, I hope not. Never, No.”

Well said sir. Well said. Now, I’m sure that many of us are thinking of “That thing Steve Carell did”, so here it is. Now I don’t think it’s fair that we bash Mr. Goldfarb, as he was the lead designer and to give credit where credit is due, it’s a very nice looking game, so bravo to Mr. Goldfarb and his design team. Now, back to roasting Overkill over a spit. Actually, hold on a second.

Here’s an image of Mr. Goldfarb:

And here’s his Twitter: @locust9

Do with that information what you will (By which I mean say thanks to him for his hard work and give him a follow)

Now then, back to slapping Overkill with a bacon chop. So, where was I? Uhmm…yeah! So Overkill actually promised (Twice if you count our new friend’s statement) to not include microtransactions. But now, here we are, with microtransactions in what I would call:

A broken mess of a game that is still better than Alone in the Dark, but not better than Pong” – Ewan Gleadow

And I’m fairly right in stating that, a lot of things in the game don’t work properly, haven’t been added yet or have just been plain ignored by Overkill and kicked under the rug. I’m not having that, let’s see what Overkill have been trying to get away with these past few years, shall we?

Firstly, Overkill has constantly lied to the fans of Payday 2. More importantly (well, not importantly, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, your community is the most important thing, apart from money), lied to the guy who made the Payday 2 stats website, I’m not at all familiar with that site, but basically what I can gather from it is that Overkill wanted to hire the team behind that stats website, never got round to it, stole their idea and now it’s shut down. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself.


Secondly, the microtransactions. We’ll get this out the way while it’s here and then I’ll talk about it in a bit more depth later on. From what I’ve read every time you finish a match you have the option to open up a safe, at $2.49 a pop. That is absurd. For that amount of money you could get a Mann Co. Key from the Mann Co. Store, roughly 2 from the Steam Market or a lot of Mentos mints. It also makes all of Overkill’s statements about “We’ll never add microtransactions, we love you too much etc etc buy our game.” redundant. Those statements are false, a lie, deceit, subterfuge, false justice. Do not believe a word they say because in the end, they’ll probably change it. The safes apparently contain exclusive weapon skins that you can customise your guns with. So basically, it’s the camo DLC packs from Call of Duty, but you only get one, it’s more expensive and you don’t get Snoop Dogg voicing over your game, which obviously every sane person wants.

Thirdly, you remember that Keeanu Reeves film John Wick? To be honest, it was a pretty good film, the character John Wick was the Crimefest reward at one point in Payday 2. Why is this a problem? Because it was the final reward for what seemed like an endlessly long and tedious campaign system. If you finally reach the last prize, grinded your way there, hard work and all. Overkill’s grand prize for you was a swift kick in the family jewels, a punch in the gut and a bad taste in your mouth that tastes something like vinegar and lemon juice. All that for a walking, talking, shooting advertisement? I don’t think so.

Fourth point now, the endless promises Overkill have broken, from the microtransactions, Payday 2 FBI Files, the safehouses and so much more, it’s come to the point where we’re really not sure on whether we can trust not just Overkill, but most developers nowadays. There was a time when a developer stated something, they would deliver, now it’s just false hope and shams all around, especially in Overkill’s case.

Fifthly (is that a word?), the Paydaycon prize money mysteriously vanished. Now, I didn’t know about this until I researched it and it genuinely came as a shock. Paydaycon was a sort of thing where you’d rob the bank etc etc, the winning team would apparently get a grand total of $250,000. That’s a hell of a lot of money that wasn’t actually given to any of the winning team members and there is no accountability to where the money has disappeared to. Now you may be wondering if it’s actually your right to know where that money is. Short answer, yes. Long answer, it’s the community’s money because they funded the prize, so yes, it is a big deal as to where that money has gone. Maybe it was stolen in some big bank heist? Who knows. Overkill do. (Probably)

On another note, the DLC. My good God it’s like The Sims 3 got it’s hands on the DLC portion of your game and went crazy. It was reported that no DLC would be over $10, or so we thought. We now have a limited time DLC that is double the price ($20 for those not keeping up). The pack was called “Support for Overkill” or something ridiculous, which makes it sound like they’re begging for money. At this point they probably were, I wouldn’t put it past the money grabbing arses, but at least people can get a refund thanks to Steam stepping in with that refunds system.

Exclusive content is a big one too. With a number of masks being exclusive to events such as E3 (fair enough, it happens), Twitter (I don’t even…), Humble Bundles (Again, fair enough I suppose) and Alienware Masks, which requires you to own some Alienware hardware, and to be honest, who has a piece of Alienware hardware other than aliens? Two of these exclusive items are unavailable for future players, four of them can be purchased with real world money but outside of Payday 2 on different sites.

Advertisements. Need I say more? You’ve got advertisements for things that loosely tie in (John Wick I suppose is an okay fit) but then you have needless plugs for games like Hotline Miami 1 & 2, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Speedrunners which have no connection to bank heisting or Payday 2 at all! It’s become a sort of newspaper of advertisements for games unrelated to Payday 2.

Infamy levels are something I’ve never used in Payday 2, basically what it is: It’s prestige mode from CoD but without as much reward, we’re now up to about 25 Infamy levels now, adding little to nothing new. All it really added was something else to do for endgame players and more achievements, which I guess is fine, but you’ve got a game to fix anyway.

Something not Payday 2 related is The Walking Dead. Trying to cash in on Telltale’s success are we? You bastards, you took money out of Payday 2 to release a one day timer, which lead to a one week timer, which lead to a one month timer and then released video logs. What in the hell were you thinking? Good God you fools.

I’m afraid to say that that’s only the tip of the never-ending iceberg of Overkill’s poor decisions. At this rate, Payday 2’s community will die, they’ll run out of money and then we’ll never hear from them again and all video game businesses will become more user friendly, EA and Ubisoft will publicly apologise by giving every individual person a box of assorted chocolates, a kitten and unlimited access to their premium services and unlimited money for their microtransactions. Of course, that’d be an ideal world. We’re gonna have to buckle up for the coming months, the Black Market update was the start of something much worse, Overkill’s hijinks have definitely just begun…


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