The Ten Greatest British Comedy Shows

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I love a good comedy TV Show. You can probably tell, but what I love even more is, well, nothing really. Myself excluded from that. But I decided to list basically my favourite British comedy shows of all time. Now, I haven’t seen every British comedy show on Earth, so that means The Young Ones, Blackadder, The Office, An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning of Life are all exempt from this list as I haven’t watched them enough to form an opinion on them. So, without further ado, let’s stop stalling, with run on sentences, and commas, and continuing to make points, let’s, just, start.

Now even though I haven’t watched all 8 Seasons of this show I can safely say that I’m enjoying the show thoroughly. I’m pretty much slap bang in the middle of the show now, almost at the end of Season 4 and the majority of the episodes have been absolutely hilarious. Season 4 is definitely the weakest in the show, but it’s by no means whatsoever bad. Not at all, it’s an extremely funny and believable show. That’s what I like most in comedy shows like this, they don’t have to go to great lengths to find something funny, the creative writing of the script alone is enough to make it funny. Hilarious in fact.

The only reason I’ve put it so high up on the list however is that, while it is funny, it’s starting to run dry extremely quickly, with the newer cast coming in, it just doesn’t seem as funny anymore. However the bit I’m up to, the old cast is still there, for now.



You’ve probably never heard of Bruiser if I’m quite honest. It was only one season with six episodes. This is basically That Mitchell and Webb Look but before they did That Mitchell and Webb Look. This show has a pretty amazing cast too, not only David Mitchell and Robert Webb, but Olivia Coleman, Martin Freeman, Matthew Holness and Charlotte Hudson. All of whom are extremely funny people. I don’t think many people remember the show and you can watch it for free on YouTube but it is a very funny show. Well worth your time, with sketches like Inept Q, Outdoor Wee and Poison it’s a shame the show didn’t get a second series.


It’s a classic, but it’s high up on the list. The main reason for this if I’m quite honest is that I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other shows, it’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very funny show, however I’m selective on the sketches that are funny and not funny. Take for example the “Upper Class Twit of the Year” sketch, five minutes of absolute hilarity, it’s got slapstick humour fantastically developed by the cast and a commentator who is quite seriously into the event at hand. Then you have the other sketches, the ones that are just plain terrible (in my opinion) such as Bicycle Repairman, in which Michael Palin walks around dressed up as a normal bloke while everyone else is dressed up as Superman.

Just search for a few sketches online, there’s extremely funny ones like the Brain Specialist, Cheese Shop and the Money Song. But there’s always those other sketches.

Oh this show was amazing. I think it’s the newest show on this list as it just finished its first season in December 2015. The show is a comedy/horror/drama mix and it does this pretty well, so much in fact that they got a pretty damn good cast. Mathew Baynton, Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer and they even got Nick Offerman to play a part in one of the episodes. The whole plot of the ten episodes is so simple it’s perfect.

The world is ending in 33 Days. Go.

That’s it, there you go, 10 Episodes, 10 Hours of fantastic, quality entertainment with a comedic silver lining stuffed full of drama and suspense, it’s as if you’ve used dynamite instead of stuffing for the turkey.

I love nothing better than a good satire show that takes the mick out of the news and global affairs, which is probably why I liked this show so much. Russell Howard’s blend of modern humour fits extremely well with the shows formula of an almost news like show, where Howard takes the mick out of worldwide problems in a systematic order, starting with (for example) sport, and eventually ending with the nice little segment he does at the end which tugs at your heart-strings. It’s a shame he left Mock the Week to do this show, but by God was it worth it.

Everyone’s heard of Fawlty Towers. It’s an utter classic. It’s up there with the best shows of all time. In it, John Cleese plays Basil Fawlty, an absurdly frustrated hotel owner who finds the guests horribly low-class, he runs this hotel with his wife whose name escapes me, Connie Booth and ethnicity man, who’s secretly a superhero, sort of like Clark Kent, but it’s a lot less obvious he’s a superhero.

The series makes what I like to call “believable comedy”, in which you can probably agree that at somepoint, somewhere, this could technically happen. I’m not saying the “Germans” episode is the prime example of this, but to be honest, in the 50s an amnesia ridden hotel owner has also done the “funny walk” while screaming in German, using his finger as a moustache. Probably.

Oh yes, my favourite sketch show of all time, shown in all it’s glory in a poor quality image I found in a Google search. You might remember these two from Bruiser if you don’t have the memory of a goldfish. Basically this is Bruiser, but better. I can’t really explain it, but if you remember my other posts you’ll probably hear me talk about this show a lot. This sketch show includes such fantastic things like The Quiz Broadcast and Sir Digby Chicken Caeser, if you ever get the chance, have a search for some of the sketches they’ve done.

It’s a fantastic show and the actors definitely have serious chemistry, we’ll see them later on in the list again as well. Where the hell do you think you’re going? You were going to scroll down there weren’t you? Twat. Stay here. Just scroll down slowly until you see a picture of Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall

Where would we be without Bottom? It’s slapstick comedy at it’s finest. Every episode has a literal laugh out loud moment, which is fantastic. It’s very rare that a comedy show can do that, make me laugh every episode. But with three seasons, five live shows and even a movie, there’s plenty of Bottom to watch through. All the episodes are on Dailymotion, the live shows are on YouTube and the movie is probably on some form of pirate bay site. Or you can just buy the box set for £8.99 (I recommend both).

This is quite definitely, the best sitcom I’ve seen in a very long while. It has a type of slapstick similar to Bottom (but extremely toned down) and the humour of the show is superbly smart. Dylan Moran (one of my all time favourite actors and comedians) plays Bernard Black, this drunken, Irish, book store owner, co-ran by Manny Bianco (played by Bill Bailey) and Fran Katzenjamner (Tasmin Greig). The three have very good on-screen chemistry together and there were three seasons, with amazing guest stars such as Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz.

Oh look, it’s those two for the third bloody time. Yes, Peep Show is my all time favourite British comedy, of all time. I love everything about the show, from the actors involved to the plot to, just everything. It’s another one of those “believable comedies”, but this one is 100% “this could happen in real life”. The plot also keeps the show together very well, unlike most sitcoms, the plot has a nice, clear setting and you’re always left on cliffhangers and having to wait three buggering years for them to do the last season.


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