Achievement Unlocked – Cars

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete: 8 – 10 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Oh god what in the fresh hell is this. You all probably thought we were done with movie tie in games that have easy gamerscore. King Kong was enough and that was almost a month ago. But let me tell you, we’re only scratching the surface of terrible games with easy gamerscore. So let’s dive in to the movie tie in-game, Cars.

Surprisingly this game was given all the audio licenses so all the music/voice actors are in the game as far as I can tell. Which wasn’t very useful as I was listening to a podcast while playing this.

A majority of the achievements you’ll get in this game are from just completing it, i.e, all of the Piston Cup races, a few grand prix’s and that’ll be it. You can’t miss them, they’re story related. I use the word story extremely loosely in this situation though.

Something you need to get right straight off the bat. You can only win achievements in a specific game mode, be sure to choose the right one. The one you’ll want to choose is Caravan mode I think that’s what it’s called. Should be.

Play through the game, completely, finish off the story and you should have three achievements left. 12 of the Achievements can’t be missed whatsoever so finish the story and you can end it there. Or, you can do what I did.

Now, there’s three achievements that are left over, it’ll take probably two hours, and these are the achievements I’m going to walk you through. Firstly, let’s go over arguably the easiest achievement which is to do all of the Sheriff Hot Pursuit Races.

Now for this achievement, you’ll need to do all of the Sheriff Hot Pursuit missions. In total there’s 15 Cars you need to pull over, with three per level, so the total levels is 5, well done you, look at your maths skills go (unlike mine) far beyond the boundaries of the common man/woman you may find on the street. In case you’re having trouble with getting this achievement, there’s a couple of cheat codes to make it a lot easier for you. I did it without cheat codes and it only took me about ten to twenty minutes, but if you need them then here they are:
Quite literally all you need to do is follow the car until the meter empties, then that car is considered “pulled over” and will then crash into the nearest piece of scenery it can find, continually ramming it’s soulless carcass into the whole four variants of wall, motor oil dripping from it’s cold, dead eyes.
Sorry, that got a bit dark there, anywho…
These two cheat codes should hopefully help you out if you’re having any trouble with the Sheriff Hot Pursuit missions or any mission for that matter (excluding Tractor Tipping). This is honestly the easiest of the three achievements I’m going to walk you through.
Moving swiftly on to the achievement that took me longer than it should have because it was like playing Metal Gear Solid only you had the camera operated by a man with no arms. And my Tractor Tipping progress didn’t save. Twice. That was just dandy, but there’s a whole ten levels of Tractor Tipping to complete, all more annoying than the previous one. If you really need a walkthrough on how to do it as fast as possible then here yah go.
The key here is patience and not throwing your controller into the Kinect sensor that’s been watching you sit for the past 16 Hours in your pyjamas playing Cars the game when you could’ve been outside with friends, the things I’ll do for 75G.
Finally, it wouldn’t be a movie tie in game if it didn’t have collectables. However it’s only twenty postcards and it’ll take you half an hour with this handy dandy guide that I’m going to hyperlink for you, ‘ain’t technology dandy? You’ll need to talk to Lizzie in her shop before you start this though, it isn’t missable, it’s literally in the town you start in and the walkthrough shows you where it is anyway.
After you’ve slugged through this game, go get a drink of water, or something stronger than that, we’re only just scratching the metaphorical surface of bad games with an easy 1000G.
Best of luck.
Ewan Gleadow is a writer that’s being enforced to write these little paragraphs at the end of his articles, if he doesn’t, his legs will have a new owner apparently. If you liked this article, please check out my other articles at (which is also my twitter). If you didn’t like this article, piss off.

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