The five saddest Comedy TV Show moments

I wouldn’t say I’m a TV Show buff, but I’ve definitely watched my fair share of TV Shows, so to commemorate their hard work, I thought I’d list my top five saddest moments, because we all like a good cry now don’t we? I’ll also include sketches from sketch shows because like most of these episodes it’s usually just a short segment of the episode. Obviously there’s going to be a fair few spoilers for a few shows so you’ve been warned.

5. Scrubs – Kelso Retires

Ah Scrubs, I absolutely adore this show, it made me laugh so much and it had a really successful run, so much in fact that, like all good comedy shows, it inflicted more than one emotion, which was sadness. While there are a few tear jerkers such as the death of Ben and Dr. Cox killing three people, but I thought I’d kick the list off lightly with the retirement of Dr. Kelso. No death’s in this one, unless you count the ending of a career a death, then I suppose there’s a death included in this one.

Season 7 allowed Dr. Kelso for some major on-screen time and it eventually resulted in a very heart warming episode in which the staff of Sacred Heart try to save his job. They succeed, but Kelso ends things on his own terms, thanking Ted for his hard work and driving off into the morbidly obese American sunset.

What made this episode special for me was that we’ve seen Kelso be this complete arsehole for the past seven seasons with only one or two hints of emotion in him (see the Jiggly Ball episode) so it was a fitting closure to the character’s time at the hospital.

And then they brought him back in Season 8 because they opened up a coffee shop the end.

4. The Office – Jim and Michael Goodbye

This one’s pretty heart warming. Steve Carrell (who plays Michael) had decided to leave the show to focus on his acting career, this led to an episode consisting of Michael saying the final goodbyes to his employees and friends. Jim finds out that Michael is actually leaving on the day, not on Friday, so the two exchange tears with each other and have a good cry on because they can’t have any lunch.

With TV Show’s it’s very difficult to execute goodbyes well, it’s also difficult to execute people well (see Skyrim for proof of this). The Office did this goodbye so well and managed to make a song out of it, of all the things they did, they did a song. But that’s not what I’m focusing on, in the earlier seasons Michael seems to want to be Jim, so Jim offering him lunch together must have hit home pretty hard with Michael. Anyway, just watch the video, it’ll be explained much better.

3. Futurama – Jurassic Bark

Of course this was going to be on the list. I was considering putting this at number four but then I re-watched the clip and realised I didn’t need to. I think everyone who’s ever heard the word “Futurama” would’ve had it instantly followed by “Jurassic Bark”. It’s one of the most memorable episodes in the entire show, let alone the series.

Fry trys to get his dog back, that’s an extremely simple concept for an episode. But Fry’s dog was in the year 2000. Not 3000. Eventually they’re about to reincarnate Seymour (the dog) or as the Professor describes it “a monstrosity to God” until Fry stops the machine by hitting it with a crowbar. He says that Seymour lived a full life and he didn’t want to bring him back at the ripe old age of fifteen (in dog years).

After Fry’s heartfelt speech about how Seymour probably had a happy life, it’s revealed that Seymour actually waited the entirety of their life to see Fry again, literally sitting on a street corner while “If it takes forever” plays over the animation, flipping through seasons until the dog is about to die and then the credits roll with that song still playing.

2. That Mitchell and Webb Look – Old Holmes

The only reason I mentioned I wanted to put sketch shows into the list was so I could share this magnificent sketch with everyone. It’s genuinely moving and comedic at the same time and I can’t give enough praise to the way Mitchell and Webb delivered the sketch. In it, Mitchell plays a much older version of Holmes, living in a care home, Watson (played by Webb) comes by to visit him. It’s obvious Holmes isn’t in the right mind when he smears jam on his face and calls himself a Chinaman, try’s to play the Stradivarius by blowing into it and throws some mashed apple onto the floor and proceeds to yell “Delicious!”

At the end of the sketch Mitchell delivers the most heart wrenching lines possible, “I can’t get the fog to clear”. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this will make Webb’s character upset at the fact that there’s a small chance that his friend could recover or the fact that Holmes is obviously aware of his condition but there’s nothing he can do about it.

Then he pisses himself and they end the sketch.

1. Benidorm –Mel’s Death

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clip for this but you can get the whole episode if you search for the 2010 Christmas Special on Dailymotion, if you skip about 45 minutes in then you’ll see the clip I would’ve used. For those of you who haven’t seen Benidorm, it’s a comedy show about some British holiday makers and the antics they get up to in the country. It’s a very funny show and the actors obviously have extremely good chemistry together. In season two they brought in Geoffrey Hutchings to play Mel, who would soon marry Madge and buy the “Benidorm Palace”. Unfortunately Geoffrey Hutchings passed away in June 2010, so with that, the show wouldn’t have Mel in it before. But the way this is upsetting is how they wrote his character out of the show.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a clip because YouTube gave me an instant copyright strike for uploading it so I took it down, I’ll try again on DailyMotion because it really is a great scene.

What the show creators did was say that Mel was on a business trip somewhere round the world and throughout the show the character Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton) receives phone calls from Mel, one of which saying he was in hospital and it was only a minor problem. Later on, while “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” plays in the background (oh yeah, this was on the Christmas special of Season 4), Mick receives another phone call and is told that Mel passed away. After this, you’ll go through what I like to call “an emotional rollercoaster ride”. I can’t explain it very well but it’s pretty obvious they aren’t acting, they’re genuinely upset because of the loss of a college and friend, which makes it even more upsetting.

I commend the writers and actors of the show for doing the Christmas Special so well and making it a good tribute to Geoffrey was a difficult thing to pull off but they definitely did it extremely well.

Christ that was all very upsetting wasn’t it? Here, have a picture of a hamster.

That’s not a hamster is it? Thought hamsters had more teeth.


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