Ewan Rants: Bethesda, Doom and Game Reboots

I noticed a theme being set at this years E3, not only by Bethesda, but developers and companies alike. A lot of reboots, remakes and re-releases have been planned for this year and a lot of them were released last year. It confuses me to be honest. Look at the past few years of gaming, especially the Xbox One, a lot of re-releases of games that have already been out a few years prior. So, remember, these are my OPINIONS, I can’t stress that enough, I probably touched a nerve last time with some people.

So that company above is probably one of the most well-known and respected companies out there, they’ve delivered some fine games over the years, most notably the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series’. However, more recently, they’ve had a go at reviving some old FPS games, most notably, Wolfenstein, which they did a great job on.So now they’re going to try their hand at reviving Doom. I can’t see a downside to this, after what was the burning wreckage of Doom 3, it seems fitting that the people who brought back Wolfenstein bring back Doom. I don’t have a problem with this, old game series’ do sometimes need a revival.

What I DO have a problem with, is fairly newer games getting re-releases, with the game exactly the same as the first release, but sold as a different game. For example, Payday 2 has recently released the Crimewave Edition for the Xbox One, which is the base game with DLC, not sure why it’s been released to be honest, 505 Games need to realise they should fix their game before releasing it. That’s another problem for another day however. I could get a whole rant out of 505 games before smashing my laptop to pieces, buying up all the copies of Payday 2 I can and burning them on a big pile of 505 T-Shirts and merchandise.

Game reboots are cool though, things like Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and Mortal Kombat have proven reboots can go well. Of course, that doesn’t mean reboots are always good, for example Alone in the Dark, Bomberman: Act Zero and Any Sonic game after 2006 (excluding Generations and that racing game I suppose). So the problem is execution of the reboot, doing it wrong will give you a bad rep, so the risks are balanced against the rewards.

But now, it gets ridiculous, reboots and remakes of games that are a mere two to three years old, or games that still have some life in them, we’re looking at you Payday 2. As for Doom, I want to see what Bethesda do with the series, from the trailer it looks a lot like Doom 3 which is, unnerving, so hopefully it all goes well, but as always, I have my doubts about the game itself and the chance that it could ruin the reputation of Bethesda. I doubt anything could ruin Bethesda’s reputation, apart from Fallout 4 being shit, but that’s not going to happen. Right guys?



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