Achievement Unlocked – The Walking Dead S1

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 12 – 15 Hours
Gamerscore available: 1000G
Gamerscore achievable: 1000G

Before we begin, I must point out, this is not a review of any type, I’m going to go over why this game is beneficial to achievement hunters out there and how it’s an easy game for them to boost their gamerscore on.

For those who haven’t played The Walking Dead games, they are beautiful masterpieces created by Telltale Games who made the similar Tales from the Borderlands and Back to the Future game series’. Not only are they fantastic games, they’re even better for achievements.

It’s rare that you’ll find a game that has an easy 1000G to offer, but also has a compelling story that can be accessible to gamers at all experience levels. Most achievements are centered around advancing through the story and are literally unmissable, there are only two achievements where you need to make sure you do a specific thing right. Those two achievements are:

Some of you may get this achievement on your first time playing through the game, others will have to replay the chapter multiple times to get this achievement, like me. I’m not the best at Rock, Paper, Scissors anyway, and it’s a game of luck so just keep on trying and eventually the achievement will pop. To get this achievement you’ll need to win the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Wyatt’s chapter.

The Reunited” achievement is fairly simple, at the beginning of Russel’s chapter you’re given the option to flag down an oncoming truck or hide in the grass. Hide in the grass, you’ll meet a familiar face and the 25G achievement will unlock.

All other achievements in the game are unlocked by playing through the five episodes available, with a total of 8 Achievements per episode at 20G for each segment and then a final 25G for finishing the episode. You could probably rush through the game in a day or play an episode a day like I did and get yourself a comfortable 165G per day, which leaves room to get gamerscore on other games.

So hopefully that’ll give your gamerscore a nice boost, 1000G is really nice to get in 12 hours.


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