The Grand Re-opening

Oh yeah baby, I’m back.

Well, not back, more or less, I’m back to my own blog.

Not even that really, and I’m not sure why I’ve began writing a sentence per line and extending the length of each respective sentence each time. Anyway, I’ll clear up the big thing right now. No, I haven’t left Far from it actually, I love working for updownright and it’s been an amazing break for me and I’ve got the extreme pleasure of being allowed on board with the team. I’m really appreciative of the work and progress we’re making.

So why bring back your own blog if things are going so well? Well, I can do whatever the hell I want, so up yours and I also wanted a sort of home away from home. My little gift to society, where I can post some exclusive posts, some of my best work from updownright and maybe even bring the review series back in all of it’s “glory”.

Be sure to subscribe to this (or whatever it is that you do, I think you send your email or something, no clue) and I’ll get to work on creating a schedule and making everything oh so fancy.

I need to stress this though: 2016 is a very busy year for me. I’ve got exams and a lot of stuff going on including writing two books, two TV Shows, early, early days of making a game and my apparent lust for learning the guitar. Also my commitments to updownright will instantly outweigh this blog, this is just a place where I can break away from gaming and such and maybe do something a bit more personal (however games will be the main focus).

Now if only I could figure out how to change the damned font…

Ewan Gleadow is a writer who used to have a blog over on Blogger, realised that WordPress was a lot better and now here I am. If you want to keep up to date then you can follow me on Twitter @EwanGleadow and read my other articles at


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